"Michael Yeager has been one of the pioneers in the addictions, behavioral heath, trainings and personal wellness field for many years. I have and will continue to access Michael's services for a clients in need or a professional looking for continued training.

                                                                             Christopher J Brekka CEAP, RAS 
                                                                             Owner/Founder -


One of the wisest therapists I’ve met (or read) in 25 years. Thanks, Michael. I don't think you could ever fully comprehend the impact you have had on me and my platform for good, healing, hope and recovery. I am friends with the best friend of the new parish priest for Sandy Hook community. I was very eager to advocate Healing Touch for well-being and PTSD reduction. Had I not immersed myself in your teaching, I would not have known of it. Since I did, countless people might find life and hope through it. I can't imagine having such a significant role in the lives of people so needing it. You have done well. You are amazing.

                                                                           Laurie Johnson Ph.D., LPC, AMS - "Dr. J on WLAQ"
                                                                           Greater Atlanta Area - Author, Speaker,

                                                                           President, Skills for Living Institute, Inc.


University Of Houston Clear Lake

I appreciate the way you used yourself and some of your client’s experiences as examples to help the audience understand your points. It was obvious from the several people with tearful eyes that you struck chords that run deeper than the cognitive level.

                                                                          W. Andrew Smith, Ph.D.

                                                                          Director, Counseling and Testing Services.


Michael is an articulate spokesman for recovery and all its many facets. Under Michael’s direction and leadership, St. John the Divine successfully hosted a nine-week Codependency Education series and a six-week Family Systems series of lectures. Attracting as many as 600 people per session, Michael’s gifts of communication and personal wisdom have opened the door of recovery to many members of our parish.

                                                                        Stephen M. Smith - St. John the Divine Episcopal Church