Grief/Loss in Recovery

A 3-hour and 10-hour CEU course.

For those who would like to become A Certified Grief/Loss Recovery Counselor through an intensive 3-day training, contact me at

During these times grief is a minute-by-minute, daily occurrence. Many are turning to alcohol, drugs, rage, depression, or other behavioral or chemical solutions to help them repress their feelings around this worldwide pandemic. Loss of control, loss of health, going to our usual and customary locations for fun, dinner, church, etc. People are reacting vs responding to these lifestyle changes. Unemployment, loss of income, security, comfort, safety are at an all-time around the world high. Look at the prejudice, violence, fights, breaking from traditions that are going on. People are reacting vs responding to these traumatic events.

This course offers therapists a series of proven tools/techniques to help people discover and release their learned responses to minimize the pain associated with their losses. It enabled them to reevaluate their original coping skills and repace them with vibrant living skills.

Michael Yeager BA., LCDC, CHt, CAS, CTC

Grief Recovery Counselor since 1985.

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