Continuing Education for Counselors and Therapists

This is 3 day experiential training.  I began studying sexual addiction and treatment in 1985 under Terry Kellogg and Dr. Carnes was just beginning to discuss and provide treatment models for this behavioral addiction.  Therapist must get comfortable with their own sexuality and sexual experiences to successfully treat this population.  Students will be exposed to, Trauma Bonds, how they shape a person and their world view and how to shatter them so the client has a different internalization of their earlier experiences that shaped them.  Rebuilding or re-framing self then becomes an easier task as the old anchors are no longer in place so new ones can be experimented with and decided upon no in light of the new knowledge.  Sexual Abstinence is helpful in early recovery as sex is the drug and addicts can't heal while on the drug.  

(NOTE:  Course pricing is per individual class participant.)

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CL6 Sexual Addiction Certification Program