Continuing Education for Counselors and Therapists

This 15 hour course of study is an intensive 2 day experience.  This is an experiential group teaching EFT/TFT, kinesiology, observing and using body language to promote change, understanding the chakra system to being about mental and physical balance process and students are encouraged to participate.  The goal of the training is to provide professionals with the skills necessary to effectively guide a client through a process whereby they can be freed from the cognitive energetic attachments associated with the problems ruling their lives.  We focus on using applied kinesiology, Acupressure, and cognitive therapy.  This process has successfully assisted addicts, survivors of all types of trauma, grievers, family members of addicts and other dysfunctional behaviors etc.  (NOTE: Course pricing is per each participant.)

Please contact us for available training dates.

CL2 EFT/TFT Tapping Energy Psychology Cert | 15 hour