Continuing Education for Counselors and Therapists

This Cutting Edge SAMHSA Evidence Based 15 hour Skype/home-study, experiential CEU training using acupressure points, (i.e. (TFT) Thought Field Therapy and (EFT) Emotional Freedom Techniques, the chakras and kinesiology.)  Come and learn what professional M.D.s, nurses, ministers, PhD.s & LCDC's, LPC's, LMFT, Social Workers, ministers, massage therapist and others are already using worldwide.  The client simply thinks about their problem or pain, stays focused on it while tapping the specific meridian points until the pain, discomfort, anxiety, depereesion, addictive urge is gone. It is one's thought about an event that causes the problem not the event itself. The SKYPE lecture explains the process and we do it together so the student can experience it. The student then gets a volunteer to practice with and then reports back to me. The student and I then practice again overcoming any obsticles along the way. 

C70 Energy Psychology EFT/TFT | 15 hour

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    For 6 thousand years it has worked, and about 40 years ago it was discovered that it has a place of honor in the Counseling, Success, Sales and Motivation, PTST, Trauma resolution, Grief Recovery, Coaching, Change and Pain Management fields as well.

    Because you want skills to help your clients resolve their chemical and/or process addictive disorders, success disruption, anxiety, fears/phobias, co-dependency, unresolved grief, PTSD, trauma responses, stress levels, depression, manage or remove their physical pain and more in a faster more efficient manner EFT/TFT Energy Psychology is for you. You can't hurt anyone with these processes people get a shift each session or nothing happens. After being Western Therapy trained and 25 year of practice I began incorporating these ideas into my practice and became very impressed with the results of the work. I have found that many clients also needed help with getting better quicker which we addressed with tapping as well.

    Participants will be introduced to a new language for describing the energy system and processes used the Chakra and Meridian System and its interaction with and influence upon the client's life. By understanding the chakras (known energy centers in the body) one can more easily identify the emotional reasoning and energetic attachment to the presenting problem/s.

    By Tapping the EFT/TFT acupressure points, while thinking about the problem, participants will experience some shift or change in their relationship to the Problem.

    Kinesiology is used to test the belief in,and willingness to heal the issue/s being discussed. It is also used to discover any energetic blocks or resistance to treatment (secondary gains) that may be in the way of the your client resolving thier issues.

    Participants will be shown how to clear the client�s blocks to healing. Participants will be shown an integrated healing system.

    In this course students will Skype or meet 3 times over a 1 week period for 1 hour each meeting, participate in 1 hour of Skype interaction in-between, complete 12 hours of specific reading and skill development, additional phone and/or Skype contacts available no charge.