This Speciality Certification (CTC - Certified 12 Step Consultant) and (MCTC - Masters Level 12 Step Consultant) was created for Social Workers, LPC's, LMFT's, LCDC's, Ministers, MD's, Nurses, Ph.D.'s, EAP's, Recovery Coaches, Friends, Sponsors, Family, Employeers etc. anyone wishing to know more about how to use the principals in the 12 step programs whether in or out of personal recovery. The 12 steps have been marketed so successfully that they are the primary source of aftercare promoted by professionals. The universal truth (spiritual) principals taught in the 12 steps have proved successful for all who have done what is suggested. Yes there are many other successful avenues available (SMART Recovery, Rational Recovery, Women/Men for Sobriety, SOS, Christian based 12 step movements, going to church, hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Thought Field Therapy, EMDR, Visual Imagery but this certifications focus is for specific understanding of the 12 step process, it works. 

12 Step Consultant Cert. Payment