Treating sexual & other addictive disorders

SURVIVING THE SHAME - RECOVERING FROM SEXUAL ADDICTION and many other addictive behaviors. A healthy relationship is not confined to a sexual relationship, which must end in orgasm, but celebrates the sharing and exploration. Addictive sex refers to a recurring pathological relationship with sexual experiences that numbs or medicates psychic pain. Sex is not a mutually shared experience; rather it is an emotionally isolated act that may involve one or more partners. Co-sex addiction refers to the addictive behaviors and belief system of the partner of the sex addict. The co-sex addict becomes the enabler for the sex addict and often time’s ends up in sexually compromising situations to keep

Young People 10-35 Years Old In Recovery

This workbook comes after 35 years of recovery and working with teens committed to change their addictive and other problematic behavior. It guides participants through a series of steps already proven to work to help people change their lives. As (you) do the work you may feel many things you have not felt ever or for a long time. It takes dedication and a desire to change for these principles to work. You are the magic in this process. The book looks at the traditional 12 steps and I’ve added some new language to better fit the needs and reality of young people seeking recovery. All recovery strategies work 100% of the time for 100% of the people who work them at 100%. I added a chapte

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