The Silva Method makes for a healthy mind

I first took the Silva Course in 1980. I have found it to be the most practical program I’ve ever taken. The strategies are easy to learn, they produce powerful results, as a therapist I have applied all or most of the experimental processes to client with excellent results. I know that because of my experience with Silva I went on and developed more skills as a hypnotherapist. Why this process is an excellent therapy tool for client recovery is because it uses the power of the subconscious mind to locate the answers stored within the person. The exercises incorporate visualization, which is a recall faculty of the mind. Whether the person is visual, auditory or kinetic they can recall in l

What is the 13th Step in Addiction Recovery?

The following article references the 13th step from a woman’s point of view. I suggest men and especially women as well read this article about how some men in AA/NA and possibly all support groups have objectified women. Not to say that women don’t do the same but it isn’t as often and men tend to view casual sex differently than women. The article mentions “SMART Recovery” ( which is a great organization and gets good results, however the article did not mention Jean Kirkpatrick’s organization; “Women for Sobriety” ( which was started as a safe haven for women entering recovery as she and its early members were tired of having to ward off “

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