The 12 Step Consultant Certification, its Value and Need

The 12 Step Consultant Certification came about eight years ago as many treatment facilities were hiring staff with no 12 Step recovery experience and they were asked to work with clients involved in 12 Step recovery work. These staff members began calling me to educate them on the 12 Steps. In order to fulfill their need I developed courses C39, C41, C43, C48, C56 and The 12 Step Consultant Certification. Although there are non-12 Step support groups like SMART Recovery, Rational Recovery, Women/Men for Sobriety, SOS, church groups or simply doing nothing, it is helpful to have a good knowledge base of this approach. I have found that all the approaches work 100% of the time for 100% of t


Codependency is simply the loss of sense of self. It is when you do not have the conscious ability to separate yourself emotionally from another or others. The following questions can be helpful in making a beginning self-assessment. 1. Do I often feel isolated and afraid of people, especially authority figures? 2. Have I observed myself to be an approval seeker, losing my own identity in the process? 3. Do I feel overly frightened of angry people and personal criticism? 4. Do I often feel I’m a victim in personal and career relationships? 5. Do I sometimes feel I have an overdeveloped sense of responsibility, which makes it easier to be concerned with o

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