Grief/Loss Trauma Resolution

60 CEU's for:

Social Workers, LPC's, LMFT's, LCDC's, Great for Ministers, clergy, trauma and critical incidents workers, grief/divorce support group leaders, parents & family members of addicts/alcoholics or mental illness patients, rape and incest survivor caregivers etc.




Presented by Michael Yeager B.A. LCDC, C.Ht, Certified Grief/Loss, Life Coach has been teaching, expanding on, and using this process successfully since 1986, and as a therapist effectively using these techniques since 1973.


In this course students will meet with Michael a minimum of 3 times over a three week period.

Please contact Michael directly for more information and guidance concerning your enrolling for this course.  e-mail at or call Michael at 713-461-3279 












57 hour Peer Recovery Support Specialist (Recovery Coach)

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TCBAP Peer Recovery Support Specialist “Recovery Coach” Includes all required classes:including “Ethics” 57 CEU’s for LCDC’s, LPC’s, LMFT’s, Social Workers


Michael Yeager B.A., LCDC, C.Ht, LMT, CAS has been a therapist in the addiction recovery field since 1973.


Very few Houston professionals have practiced in this field as long as he. He is a true pioneer in the addiction recovery field. His training and treatment philosophy has been cutting edge throughout his career. This training has been designed for professional and non-professional advocates to become more skilled and better equipped at coaching vs. counseling those on the path to recovery.Only $780.00 and $30.00 book (Cash, Credit Card or Check) Presented by Michael Yeager B.A. LCDC, C.Ht, Certified Grief/Loss, Life Coach has been teaching, expanding on and using this process successfully since 1986 and a therapist since 1973.

10 hour Smoking Cessation Therapist Training

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A drug free approach to help people stop and stay stopped - no meetings, no meds10 CEU's for LCDC's, LPC's, LMFT, Massage Therapist, Social workers

I stopped an 8 year 4.5 packs (90 cigarettes) a day habit in 1979 using these techniques and have helped thousands of people stop and stay stopped since then. The mind is extremely powerful and does exactly what it is told. If it is told something is hard or easy it obeys.

Smokers have simply hypnotized themselves, bought what they were selling themselves i.e. validated these beliefs, proof statements, decided life would be worse off if they quit and lived as if these assumptions were true. This process has helped thousands stop and stay stopped.

This course will enlighten you to a step by step, not the 12 steps, program to help clients not only stop but stay stopped and do easily and effortlessly, with no meetings and no meds.

I will be teaching participants how to do the same for their clients or themselves.

Skype lecture, reading, doing, reporting, discussing training $225.00 (CASH, CHECK, CREDIT CARD)


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     "Grief is a conflicting mass of emotions that occurs when something or someone, that was there, is no longer there. This is a process of saying what needs to be said, truthfully, and then saying goodbye as often as necessary. By releasing who or what is gone, we are free to decide how to relate to it or them now." - Michael Yeager