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CEU Pro Series 2019

June 11, 2019

 Concurrent Treatment of Chemical and Behavioral Addictions


All addictions are fast acting, have unclear cultural guidelines, get worse, not better over time, the addict loses control of their behavior, carry a different level of shame, are riddled with remorse and self-doubt and finally, all have been living a lie and have been insincere delusion about it. This seminar focuses on treating addiction and its many different ways of thinking, believing and behaving. A focus will be on shame and how the pain of shame is one of the factors that lead the addict to believe that they are not enough, therefore, there isn’t enough which transfers to the addictive behavior.

June 25th, 2019

Rapid Energy Psychology TFT & EFT



SAMSHA has acknowledged Thought Field Therapy TFT as an evidence-based therapy for treating PTSD. This process of energy based therapy has proven itself in Rwanda, New York 9/11 and other international trauma sites. I’ve used it extensively in my practice since 1992 to treat co-dependency, incest, rape survivors, abuse, the addictive urge, addiction, grief trauma. The new language (6,000 years old) of Energy Psychology is spoken and these ideas and concepts will be addressed.  Participants will leave with the evidence-based algorithm used to treat PTSD and the other aforementioned dilemmas. This process used alone or in conjunction with CBT, Chaka balancing, Solution Focused Therapy, Motivational Enhancement, Hypnosis or other modalities is extremely effective.  It is the blocked thought field energy that is the real cause of the problems vs the event itself.

July 9, 2019

Trauma Informed Care







This course is available for those wishing to become more sensitive to the needs and behaviors of trauma survivors. Training consists of going over the DSM-5 Diagnosis Criteria for PTSD, Trauma Matters in Behavioral Health Services, Trauma Informed Interventions and Treatment Principals, Types of Trauma, Specific Trauma Related Psychological Disorders, Screening and Assessment, Trauma Specific Treatment Models, Kinesiology-Muscle Testing, SAMHSA’s Evidence Based acupressure meridian tapping PTSD treatment “Thought Field Therapy” developed by Dr. Roger Callahan and Grief Work.

July 23, 2019

Grief Loss Recovery






Grief is a major part of every human’s life experience and I’ve found very few manage it successfully. Whether the loss is from death to any number of non-death related events most people do not know how to have - experience and then release their feelings when this event occurs. It could be their original loss of sense of self (not having permission or guidance into having their feeling), shame, incest, abuse, trauma, living with addictive and enabling behavior, trust, confidence in self, their own addictive/co-dependent behavior, getting addiction/co-dependent free, denial, minimization i.e.: not being trustworthy to self, retirement, not being able to have children on and on and on. This 6 step process has helped thousands recover and stay recovered.




August 13, 2019

Healthy Sex and Boundaries







There are courses on the types of and prevalence of sexual addiction, porn, healing sexual shame, incest, sexual abuse,  or rape recovery but very little on healthy sexual identity and expression. After spending 45 years as a therapist I say this is one of the most necessary core issues in men and women to heal from but definitely one that is least discussed. The aim of this class is to open a dialogue of healthy discussion meant to be translated to clients looking to reframe their own sexual behaviors or experiences. Safety to freely explore and discuss boundary development and maintenance is key. Healthy (meaning the intention is to heal and grow in a relationship vs hurt) sexual expression can set a tone for clients future sexual relationships. Issues of masturbation, heterosexual & homosexual relationships, trust, honesty, massage, Tantra, asking for what one wants, sexual preferences, mutual respect, nudity-body acceptance i.e. one’s sexual self-image are just some of the topics to be discussed. In the addiction recovery field, many clients are survivors of incest, sexual abuse and/or rape or used prostitution or sexual acting out behavior to get their drug/alcohol or other addictive substance, and it is an issue too often unresolved in therapy, their 12-step, SMART Recovery, Rational Recovery, Women for Sobriety, Church Recovery Group, Al-Anon, Nar-anon, COC-anon or another type of support group. It is a hard topic to address as most were not given good accurate information about this naturally occurring expression. Most clients in their early days of recovery act out sexually “treatment center romances” so it is extremely important for the therapist to get past their own limiting attitudes and beliefs about sex and sexual behavior so they can create a safe environment for the client to heal in.