Why Contuning Education Training for Counselors and Therapist

Why Choose Contemporary Teaching? 

Each year, you're looking to fulfill certification commitments through CEU trainings whether they be approved home study courses, Skype Trainings, Live Seminars & conferences or online webinars.

Since your livelihood depends upon your knowledge base, it's best to associate yourself with a Global Leader in Professional CEU Clinical Training.


 What Sets Contemporary Teaching CEU trainings apart?

        "Convenience" - Learn quickly and easily! Contemporary Teaching provides you, in most cases, full multimedia through a                                                                                              combination of Skype, DVD or CD lecture plus text and handouts. 

                                 "Resourceful" - Best practices show the CD and DVD’s from ContemporaryTeaching's CEU courses provide a                                                                                                                 wealth of information that you may share with clients.  

                                      "Commitment" - Partner with the leader - Michael Yeager's Contemporary Teaching's set the industry standard!