Why Choose Contemporary Teaching? 

Each year, you're looking to fulfill certification commitments through CEU trainings whether they be approved home study courses, Skype Trainings, Live Seminars & conferences or online webinars.

Since your livelihood depends upon your knowledge base, it's best to associate yourself with a Global Leader in Professional CEU Clinical Training.


 What Sets Contemporary Teaching CEU trainings apart?

        "Convenience" - Learn quickly and easily! Contemporary Teaching provides you, in most cases, full multimedia through a                                                                                              combination of Skype, DVD or CD lecture plus text and handouts. 

                                 "Resourceful" - Best practices show the CD and DVD’s from ContemporaryTeaching's CEU courses provide a                                                                                                                 wealth of information that you may share with clients.  

                                      "Commitment" - Partner with the leader - Michael Yeager's Contemporary Teaching's set the industry standard!