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If you are a Mental Health or Addiction Recovery Counselor this is your one-stop resource for obtaining the Continuing Education credits you need for initial certification, re-certification or re-licensure.

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Continuing Education Programs

Why Choose Contemporary Teaching?

Each year, you're looking to fulfill certification commitments through CEU trainings whether they be approved home study courses, Skype Trainings, Live Seminars or conferences or seminars. Since your livelihood depends upon your knowledge base, it's best to associate yourself with a Global Leader in Professional CEU Clinical Training.

By selecting home study, Skype or live training courses from Contemporary Teaching, rest assured your training needs can be met. Ordering courses from Contemporary Teaching is simple and easy - by phone, fax, e-mail or on the web, we provide you with the CEU courses you need whenever you need them.

What people who know Michael and/or have tried Contemporary Tteaching material say about him and his teachings:

"Michael is a visionary in what he does. He was one of the first I know of to make it easier for those of us who need CEU's to get them on our time table instead of going to conference classes. His information was always very educational. He is so talented in so many areas it is hard to write about just one. He is now working hard on an exciting out patient concept that I think will benefit many.

George Joseph CEO, The Right Step and Spirit Lodge

"Michael Yeager has been one of the pioneers in the addictions, behavioral heath, trainings and personal wellness field for many years. I have and will continue to access Michael's services for a clients in need or a professional looking for continued training.

Christopher J Brekka CEAP, RAS

"Michael Yeager is a seasoned therapist. I have attended numerous workshops and presentations he has given over the years. He provides great useful ideas and is willing to share techniques for guiding clients through recovery from addiction or other mental health issues. I highly recommend him as a therapist and will continue to refer to him. I also served under him as President Elect while he was President of the Bay Area Mental Health Providers Network. He was organized and led the board in a collaborative fashion."

Tenley Fukui LPC, Hypnotherapist

"Michael is very dedicated to his clients and their well being. He has exceptional experience and credentials from his many years of being in the industry. His knowledge of accepted approaches for success in his field helps him utilize the most appropriate approach for each situation."

Scott Yeager

One of the wisest therapists I’ve met (or read) in 25 years. Thanks, Michael. I don't think you could ever fully comprehend the impact you have had on me and my platform for good, healing, hope and recovery. I am friends with the best friend of the new parish priest for Sandy Hook community. I was very eager to advocate Healing Touch for well-being and PTSD reduction. Had I not immersed myself in your teaching, I would not have known of it. Since I did, countless people might find life and hope through it. I can't imagine having such a significant role in the lives of people so needing it. You have done well. You are amazing.

Laurie Johnson Ph.D., LPC, AMS - "Dr. J on WLAQ"
Greater Atlanta Area - Author, Speaker, President, Skills for Living Institute, Inc.

It is with much gratitude and your superior skills in hypnotherapy and other modalities that allowed me to break through to a greater level of awareness regarding a deeply rooted pattern. This has allowed me to “see things differently” and take the actions to achieve the desired outcome for myself. I would recommend him to anyone that is interested in spiritual work and healing to set an appointment with Michael. Why? Because results and quick results may I say, are possible. For all the Dr. Hawkins students out there, I may have just saved myself many more life times!

Blessings, Mauri

Barbara Gallo: yeah it was great as I did an importune EFT session with my older sister today...she was dealing with grief and it was slumping her in depression and by the time we finished our session she was all smiles and was ready to do things as opposed to being bummed out. It was quite remarkable to be honest. She was ready to go out and garden and was joyful. She picked up on the tapping fast too.

Barbara Gallo, Therapist, New Zealand

Mr. Michael Yeager,

This letter probably should've been written a very long time ago; Starting in 1990; However, my gratitude and appreciation of the many workshops and education that I rec'd from Mr. Yeager didn't only help me but many of my colleagues as well. Oftentimes, when I was asked for certain information regarding life skills, substance education etc., I would always refer back to my notes and handouts that Mr. Yeager provided in his workshops. In which at that time the program was called "New Spirit". Because of his professionalism, genuineness and gift to educate and be a change agent, his teaching made me the professional I am today...What he has and continues to share with many Health Care Professionals serves as a rippling effect that flows around the world. I can say this because I know that there's a little bit of him in me and what I have shared with others professionals and clients alike comes from him. Accordingly, Mr. Yeager, you have help make this place, the world a better place with the work you've done and educational training you continue to do today. Lastly, I remember catching the bus and talking to total strangers, telling them I was on my way to a workshop given by "Mr. Michael Yeager". Looking back, I realize now they probably thought I was crazy and if so, they were correct in their assessment; I was crazy and obsessed with the teaching/knowledge Mr. Yeager had to share!


Thank you, Michael Yeager

Eugene Waddis, Jr., MSW, CSW, AMT, BIPP, CIT
Domestic Violence Institute of Louisiana, Baton Rouge, LA 70806

Houston Independent School District

Thank you for serving as a presenter in the Houston Independent School District Relater Workshop Series on “Effective Communication Skills.”
Good information and message
Most Effective in-service that I have been a part of in recent years

Leigh Mercado- Coordinator of Program Development


We want to thank you for presenting “Taking Care of Yourself” to our Drug-Free Schools and Communities staff. Your presentation was informative, thought-provoking, and motivating. The interest level of the participants was high as indicated by their questions and involvement.

Maria E. Hughes- Lead Counselor Drug-Free Schools and Communities


Thank you for serving as a presenter in the HISD Relater Workshops. Your presentation, “Dealing With Aggressive Parents”, was well received.
Very qualified: clinical experience brought new perspectives
The speaker was excellent
The presentation was very helpful in that methods that strategies were applied.
WOW. What an interchange.
Very practical

Trudy Herloz- Director, Special Projects


This letter is sent to thank you for speaking to the IRS employees on the subject of Drugs In The Workplace.

Suzanne Donahoe- Office Coordinator

University Of Houston Clear Lake

I appreciate the way you used yourself and some of your client’s experiences as examples to help the audience understand your points. It was obvious from the several people with tearful eyes that you struck chords that run deeper than the cognitive level.

W. Andrew Smith, Ph.D.- Director, Counseling and Testing Services.

St. John the Divine Episcopal Church

Michael is an articulate spokesman for recovery and all its many facets. Under Michael’s direction and leadership, St. John the Divine successfully hosted a nine-week Codependency Education series and a six-week Family Systems series of lectures. Attracting as many as 600 people per session, Michael’s gifts of communication and personal wisdom have opened the door of recovery to many members of our parish.

Stephen M. Smith


This letter is to tell you how much we appreciated the in-service on Co-dependency and related issues that you gave for the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Counselors last week. The information and experiences were pertinent and engaging.

Ann B. Clark


I am writing to express our appreciation of the lecture you presented to Boulder Community Treatment Center. Both staff and residents spoke highly of the energetic, articulate manner in which you presented the material.

Michelle Evenchik- Job Developer/Community Liaison


I received comments from several people who appreciated your talk and were interested in additional workshops, especially regarding intervention training.

William H. Malling, M.Div.- Chaplain


As the EAP Consultant for Solar Energy Research Institute, I invited Mike Yeager to give a one-hour talk to employees on the topic, “Adult Children of Alcoholics.” Mike gave an excellent presentation. His talk was well organized and impactfully delivered.

Linda Wilkinson, Ph.D.- Program Consultant

Matthew Johnke- Program Director, Boulder SWAP Club

Mike’s talk was entitled “The Mastermind Principal.” Mr. Yeager’s talk was excellent. The feedback I received from Mike’s presentation was some of the most positive I have ever received.

- Matthew Johnke

Mountain Bell - Boulder, CO

Thank you for coming to Mountain Bell Engineering to talk about “co-dependency in the work place”. Your two-one hour presentations were well received. After the presentation, fellow employees were talking about the ramifications of the family roles during their breaks.

Debra L. Johnson- Quality of Work Life Committee

Wetcher Wellness Systems

Thank you very much for the outstanding support you provided during our recent Supervision Training Seminar for PPG, Inc., LaPorte, Texas. The expert, professional talks you gave during this four week program were well received by all levels of super-vision, including the chief executive office and his department directors.

Art Barker, M.A.., C.A.D.A.C.- Employee Assistance Program Co-coordinator - Wetcher Wellness Systems

Juvenile Court Volunteers of Harris County, Inc.

Your presentation on “Substance Abuse" was provocative, and the information shared with the group should prove to be quite helpful. The Volunteers' evaluations of the presentation were most favorable and complimentary.

Eileen Brown- Assistant Director

What Sets Contemporary Teaching CEU trainings apart?

  • Convenience - Learn quickly and easily! Contemporary Teaching provides you, in most cases, full multimedia through a combination of Skype, DVD or CD lecture plus text and handouts. 

  • Commitment - Partner with the leader.  Michael Yeager's Contemporary Teaching's CEU courses have been around since 1989. As the benchmark other training companies compare to, you know his courses are of the highest quality.  

  • Resourceful - Build client libraries.  Best practices show the CD and DVDís from Contemporary Teaching's CEU courses provide a wealth of information that you may share with your clients.